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HF-42 Core Drilling RigHF-42 Core Drilling RigHF-42 Core Drilling Rig
HF-42 Core Drilling RigHF-42 Core Drilling RigHF-42 Core Drilling Rig

HF-42 Core Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ
Maximum Drilling Depth: 500-1150m
Engine Power: 30kw/42kw
Spindle stroke: 600mm

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►Main feature
1. HF-42 has eight rotary speeds and reasonable ranges of speed (please see the list of spindle speed). Max. torque is 3.5 KN•m (2580 lbf•ft) ( While With lower rotary speed of spindle).
2. With large spindle I.D. 93mm (3.66 inch), HF-42 is driven by hydraulic double cylinders with much longer stroke up to 600mm (23.62 inch).
3. With the features of reasonable power and lower oil temperature, it adopted simplex hydraulic gear pump for oil supplying.
4. Double-action hydraulic chuck is in powerful clamping force.
5. HF-42 is in the light weight, easy disassembling (for nine parts), and convenient for maintenance and repairment, due to the advantages of compact structure and reasonable layout.
6. It steadies in the high drilling speed because of its smooth movement and low centre of gravity.

Technical Data

Drilling depth 500-1150m Max. Lifting capacity of spindle 80KN
Rotation angle of spindle 0-360 Max. Pressuring force of spindle 60KN
Spindle speed Positive 82,151,215,313,251,463,661,961rpm Dimensions (L*W*H) 2730*1100*1860mm
Negative 67,205rpm
Max. Rotary torque of spindle 3300N.m Steel wire diameter 16mm
Spindle stroke 600mm Content of winding drum 90m
I.D of spindle 93mm Max. Hoisting force 30KN
Power Y200L-4 motor 30kw/1470rpm Or R4105G53 diesel engine42KW/1500rpm Weight (without power unit) 1800kg


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