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HFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface RigHFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface RigHFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface Rig
HFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface RigHFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface RigHFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface Rig

HFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface Rig

Borehole Diameter: 138-203mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 30m
Rated Power: 294kw
Drill Pipe Length: 6m

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Perfect combinations of low cost and high production 

Recommended hole size range: 138 – 203 mm

Simplicity in design, direct visual control system, more reliable and more convenient for service and repair.

Higher production capabilities with 6 m drill pipe and larger hole range.

Higher efficiency and energy more savings.

Product Features

1. Feed beam

Cylinder and wire rope feed for precise feed control and precision drilling.

Suitable for various angle and horizontal bottom hole drilling.

Composite material and self lubricating bearings and maintenance free.

2. Rod ( pipe ) changer

Round table auto rod ( pipe ) changer for freestyle pipe selection to extend the work life of drill tools.

Patent designed floating hose reel for extended hose work life.

3. Dust Collection device

Two stage dry dust collection system with larger filtration area for auto continuous self cleaning dust collection.

Convenient removal of filter elements for high efficiency maintenance.

Movable dust hood for clear view of hole collaring to control collaring operation.

4. Power rotary head

Cycloid hydraulic dual motor rotary head with high torque for better reliability.

5. Beam

Heavy duty box type beam for better resistance to pulling, pressing, cutting, bending, and twisting force. Simple design for convenient maintenance and precision positioning.

6. Diesel Engine

Fuel saving device and auto preheating device for various tough work conditions.

Optional high altitude package. 

7. Compressor

Screw dual stage high pressure compressor for excellent energy efficiency ratio and high air pressure drilling.

8. Chassis

Track type heavy duty chassis, ±10° hydraulic oscillation on heavy duty track frame.

Powerful traction force and high ground clearance for strong off road capabilities.

Standard Equipment

* YuChai Engine 6MK400L-K20, Power 294 kw

* Dual Stage Screw Compressor 22 m3 / min, 24 bar

* Cooling System up to 50℃ climate

* Cylinder wire rope feed system

* Automatic Rod ( Pipe ) Handling System

* Movable dust hood for convenient observation and accurate hole collaring

* Dust pre-filters

* Dry dust collector with auto continuous cleaning of filter elements

* Hydraulic rotary head

* Feed beam extension and compensation

* Heavy duty feed beam

* Bottom hole drilling device

* Pipe thread lubrication device

* Floating hydraulic hose reel

* Safety Cab with all weather AC, rear view mirror and multi-angle adjustable seat,Noise level ≤ 80 dB

* Dual speed hydraulic tramming motor

* Heavy duty track frame with 3 tooth shoes ,oscillation track frame ±10°

* Hydraulic drill pipe guiding device and drill pipe handling mechanical hands

* Fuel saving device ( auto unloading at percussion idle time, engine auto speed adjustment )

* Back up alarm

* work lights

* Emergency Auto shutdown

* Engine and drilling parameter color display

* Filtered manual hydraulic oil pump


Auto anti-jamming system

Water mist system for dust collection

Auto remote control system

High altitude package

Extreme cold package

Electric fuel filling pump

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HFGA-47 DTH Hydraulic Surface Rig

Technical Data

HFGA-47 Technical Specifications
Recommended Hole size range
Hole size range Ø138-203mm
Hammer Sizes 5 inches / 6 inches
Drill Rod ( Pipe ) Handling system ( RHS )
Pipe Handling System 4+1
Drill Pipe dia 102 mm / 114 mm
Drill Pipe Length 6 m
Max. Hole Depth w/ auto RHS 30m
Hydraulic Rotary Head
Rotation Speed 0-105 rpm
Max. Work Torque 4,310 Nm
Engine Model 6MK400L-K20
Rated Power 294 kW @ 1,900 rpm
Emission Standard Tire 2
Fuel Tank
Size 600 L
Compressor JE810 II
Max. Work Pressure 24 Bar
FAD 22 m³/min
Boom Type
Boom Type Heavy duty straight
Feed Beam
Feed Driving Type Motor Chain
Total Length 9,950 mm
Feed travel length 6,600 mm
Feed extension 1,300 mm
Max. Feed speed 0.88 m/s
Max. Feed force 34.5 kN
Max. Pull up force 67.6 kN
Max. tramming speed 3 km/h
Max. Traction force 156.2 kN
Slope Capability 30º ( add winch if >20º )
Track Frame Oscillation ± 10°
Ground Clearance 420 mm
Transportation Dimensions ( w/o options ) about
Weight 23,000 kg
Width 2,500 mm
Length 12,290 mm
Height 3,530 mm


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