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HFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling MachineHFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling MachineHFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling Machine
HFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling MachineHFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling MachineHFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling Machine

HFMC-800 Truck Mounted Drilling Machine

Spindle Hole Diameter: 75mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 1600-3200m
Engine Power: 276kw
Rotation Diameter: Φ800mm

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HFMC-800 truck mounted coal bed methane multifunction drilling rig is a full hydraulic CBM drill rig which is designed based on our factory's 40 years experience of design, manufacturing and practicing in drilling field. The feature of coal bed methane exploration in domestic market and advanced experiences in overseas market are taken into consideration during the designed of;
It is mainly used in coal bed methane exploration, shadow oil drilling, oil well reparation and geothermal drilling. It could also be adopted in ultra-deep core drilling, engineering rescue, mine ventilation hole and drainage pipeline construction in China.

►Main technical features:
1. Full hydraulic driven, design of truck chassis, quick transfortation, low cost of operation;
2. Multi-speed chain structure is adopted on the drilling arm, which is simple and short in transporting length, and the drill head stroke is designed into 15m for convenient operation in different technologies;
3. HFMC-800’s drill head could be tilted, the max tilting angle is 85°, which is convenient for screwing off the drill rod;
4. The rotation of HFMC-800 is driven by low speed high torque motor. Its max torque is up to 20kN·m, and the max rotation speed is up to 170r/min.

Technical Data

1 Truck chassis Model WS5545H
2 Type 10*6
3 Power 276KW
4 Drill head Torque/rotation speed 20kN·m/85rpm
Swing angle 0~85°
Stroke 15m
Spindle hole diameter 75mm
5 Feeding system Lifting force/speed 800KN/ 22m/min
Feeding force/speed 160KN/ 55m/min
6 Drilling capacity (for reference) Diameter of drill pipe/ drilling depth Φ89mm/3200m
Rotation diameter Φ800mm
7 Auxiliary winch Lifting force 40KN
8 Diesel engine Model KTA19-P700
Power/rotation speed 522KW/1800rpm
9 Hydraulic system Type Open type
Displacement 2*130+2*100+2*60(L)
Pressure 32Mpa
10 Working height Max height 22m
Min height 13.8m
11 Traveling capacity Max permissible gradient 30°
Max traveling speed 70km/h
12 Transporting dimension L*W*H 13000*2850*4250 mm
13 Total weight   51T
Any change of the parameters mentioned above can be made without prior notification;


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