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HFMT-6A Mine LocatorHFMT-6A Mine LocatorHFMT-6A Mine Locator
HFMT-6A Mine LocatorHFMT-6A Mine LocatorHFMT-6A Mine Locator

HFMT-6A Mine Locator

Measuring Range: 0-400mv
Frequency Range: 4-2000Hz
Frequency Tolerance: 0.10%
Repetitive Error: ±0.5% ±1 bit

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HFMT-6A is a multi-function mineral detector & geophysical instrument with high precision, reliable quality and flexible range which could be used for gold detection, mineral prospecting, ground water detecting, and other rare metal exploration. It could precisely measures the resistivity variation produced by different geologic substance to determine underground metal, mineral and water location. The principle is nearly the same with traditional resistivity prospector while the HFMT-6A mineral detector enhances the speed more than 10 times by using advanced natural electric field measuring technologies, in addition, HFMT-6A mineral detector greatly simplifies the operation of metal detection, it means that every unprofessional people could skillfully use it through maybe one or two hours training. HFMT-6A mineral detector has won enormous acclaim from our globe customers by its excellent performance.

1. Full intellectual property 
2. High-tech product 
3. Efficient, easy to operation 
4. High accuracy, wide frequency range
5. Fast and high efficiency: 2 people could operate; each testing needs several seconds
6. Easy to carry: the entire weight of this mineral detector is less than 5kg; it’s very easy to carry;
7. Easy operation: User-friendly interface, high-speed CPU, menu prompts, learn the operation into two minutes;
8. High accuracy: with imported core parts, FFT digital filtering technology, high-performance amplifiers and AD converters, the resolution is up to 0.1uV ± 1%, and the fixed error of frequency is only 0.1%;
9. Wide frequency range: the frequency respond range is from 0.1Hz to 5KHz, to greatly improve the surveying depth.
10. Strong anti-jamming capability:It has advanced anti-jamming technology and multiple anti-jamming designs. You can observe abnormity curves result with good repetition even in weak signal area, city, high electric jamming area and working area with other exterior interference via frequency selector and digital processing.
11. Flexible array—traditional and unique array method:It applies much measurement method: fine and rough measurement, "Two-pole" profile, "Two-pole" sounding, Multi-frequency sounding and annulus profile etc., which has good geological effect and easy explanation. It makes big achievement in solving problems about the direction, depth and thickness of ore vein
12. Remarkable effect:Through the relative physical parameters variation like different conductivity between ore and non-ore object, it can get the relative information as ore vein direction, buried depth, thickness and deposit etc. In more than 20 years' practice, we gained outstanding achievement and customers' common praise.
The Principle: 
The principle of HFMT-6A mineral detector is nearly the same with traditional resistivity prospector, but enhances the speed more than 10 times.HFMT-6A mineral detector applies 10Hz, 25Hz, 67Hz, 170Hz, 500Hz as basic frequencies , judges and analyzes the geological abnormity needed to search by measuring relative parameters change as resistivity generated by different structure, we can estimate underground geological formation nature (ground water) and mineral conditions like location, buried depth, shape and volume etc. after doing interpretation to abnormity. 
1. Decrease mineral invest venture and increase exploration success rate;
2. Underground water detect in all kinds of the geological conditions;
3. Meet demand of drinking water, industrial usage and agricultural irrigation;
4. Engineering geological prospect and disaster geological detect;
5. Coal goaf, archaeological mining, city exploration and non-metal pipe survey.


Technical Data

Measuring range 0-400mv
Frequency range 2000,1200,900,600,500,400,300,200,170,120,100,80 67,57,43,39,35,31,28,25,21,18,15,12,10,8,7,6,5,4HZ
Frequency Tolerance 0.10%
Repetitive Error ±0.5% ±1 bit
A/D converter 24-bit 1Msps
Screen 7" touching LCD
Consumption 450mA
Working temperature -40°C~+70°C
Working humidity 95%
Dimension 27*25*13CM
Data storage exceed 480000 measurement points; can be transferred to U disk directly


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