Five HFPV-1A Photovoltaic Solar Pile Drilling Rigs To Chile


On January 12, 2021,Five HFPV-1A photovoltaic solar pile drilling rigs were sent to Chile. The color of the rig is customized.This is a new customer who contacted us through Whatsapp and wanted to know about photovoltaic drilling rigs. After understanding the customer’s engineering project, our technicians recommended our hot-selling product HFPV-1A photovoltaic drilling rig. As the project was about to start, the customer quickly paid the deposit. The workers in the workshop worked overtime and rushed to work and finally finished the shipment today. The customer's engineering projects are constantly expanding, and said they will buy back.

The HFPV-1A pile driver can be used not only for photovoltaic solar ground construction, also for anchoring, water wells, water conservancy, power plant, open mining, road building and other blasting hole constructions . (Note: The screwing and ramming power heads can be interchanged to adapt to different engineering construction technologies, which is more adaptable and more comprehensive for solar ground mounting , can save more cost for customers)

HFPV-1A Photovoltaic Solar Pile Drilling Rig

HFPV-1A Photovoltaic Solar Pile Drilling Rig

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