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HF-44A+ Core Drilling RigHF-44A+ Core Drilling RigHF-44A+ Core Drilling Rig
HF-44A+ Core Drilling RigHF-44A+ Core Drilling RigHF-44A+ Core Drilling Rig

HF-44A+ Core Drilling Rig

Drilling Depth: 100-1450m
Engine Power: 45kW
Rotary Torque: 0-2280N.m

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►Main Feature:
HF-44A+ intelligent control core drilling rig is one new design diamond drill bit and alloy drill bit core drilling equipment, it is researched and designed by our factory expert together with famous NWPU expert.
It also can be used for engineering geological exploration ,shallow petroleum and natural gas mining ,mine tunnel ventilation ,drainage,water well drilling and large diameter foundation pile construction, it has intelligent control,safe ,efficient comfortable and innovative features.
1, Application of fully digital electrical control system, can set the torque limit value according to the torsional strength of drill pipe as the machine is working, when the load is too large or sudden increase, it can warning earlier. All the data appear on the screen intuitively. Workers can take corresponding actions in advance according to the informations, the phenomenon such as sticking, sudden increase of load.
2, Drilling rig's rotary is driven by dc speed regulating motor, rotary speed can realize stepless speed change in a certain range. Can regulate freely rotary speed according to the working condition of drilling rig.
3, Drill winch is driven by ac frequency conversion motor, the control system is separated from its host, hoisting speed and realize stepless speed, effectively improve the efficiency of construction, and avoid the personal injury accidents when put up drilling tools.

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  • Core-Drilling-Rig
  • Core-Drilling-Rig

Technical Data

Drilling depth Core drilling 750-1450m 
Foundation stake drilling 100m Hydrological drilling 300-800m
Max.lifting capacity of spindle 120KN
Rotation angle of spindle 0-360° Max.pressuring force of spindle 90KN
Spindle speed DC motor revolving speed 0-1500 rpm stepless speed regulating Steel Wire Diameter 18.5mm
rotary torque scope of spindle 0-2280N.m Steel wire lifting speed 0-4m/s stepless speed regulating
Spindle stroke 600mm Max.hoisting force 50KN
I.D of spindle 93mm Oil pump displacement 32ml
Power Spindle slewing motor ,Z4-180-21 DC adjustable-speed motor 45KW/1500rpm Oil pump max working pressure 25Mpa
Winch slewing motor ,IFB-50-37-B-B3 AC variable frequency motor ,37KW/3000rpm


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