HF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air Compressor
HF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air Compressor

HF12/10(K) Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Air Displacement: 12m³/min
Discharge Pressure: 10bar
Rated Power: Yuchai 150HP
Rotation Speed: 2960rpm

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1. Main engine: large-diameter rotor design. The main engine and diesel engine are directly connected through a highly elastic coupling. There is no speed-increasing gear in the middle. The main engine speed is the same as that of the diesel engine. It has higher efficiency, better reliability and longer life.

2. Diesel engine: Cummins, Yuchai and other well-known domestic and foreign brands of diesel engines are selected, which meet the national II emission requirements. With strong power, low fuel consumption, and nationwide after-sales service system, users can get rapid and comprehensive services.

3. The air volume control system is simple and reliable. According to the size of the air volume, the air intake volume is automatically adjusted from 0 to 100%, and the diesel throttle is automatically adjusted at the same time, which greatly saves diesel oil.

4. The microcomputer intelligently monitors air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel tank level and other operating parameters.

5. Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dusty working environment. Multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for the current status of domestic oil quality. Oversized oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environments.

6. Spacious maintenance and repair door, all parts needed to be maintained are within easy reach. The maintenance of air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries and oil coolers is easy and convenient, reducing downtime.

7. Easy to move, it can still move flexibly under the harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with lifting rings for safe and convenient lifting and transportation.


It is widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy and other industries.

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Technical Data



Air displacement


Air pressure


Engine model

Yuchai 150HP

Rotation speed


Cylinder Qty


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