HF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air Compressor
HF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air CompressorHF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air Compressor

HF18/18(K) Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Air Displacement: 18m³/min
Air pressure: 18bar
Engine Power: 194kw

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1. KF bearing, direct drive, optimum structure, innovative design, low noise, environmental protection, easy maintenance.

2. It is equipped with heavy-duty diesel engines such as Yuchai and Cummins. Achieve the best combustion state in the whole range of engine operation. The product has higher reliability, stronger power and better fuel economy.

3. Efficient cooling system ensures that the compressor is always in the best operating state. The independent oil, water and air cooler is matched with the design of large-diameter fan to adapt to the severe cold and hot weather.

4. Multiple air filtration systems effectively prevent the influence of harsh dust environment on the engine. The precision filter layer of the main air filter removes the remaining dust to ensure that the machine does not wear out. The safety filter element allows the machine to perform air filter maintenance without stopping and ensure the safe operation of the machine.

5. The triple oil and gas separation system reduces the influence of too much or too little oil injection of the separator on the oil content of the compressed air, and always keeps the oil content of compressed air below 3 ppm. Clean compressed air is conducive to the safe operation of air-using equipment.

6. The microcomputer control system has a friendly and intuitive interface. It displays operating parameters of operating speed, air supply pressure, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, coolant temperature, and fuel level, and with function of self-diagnosing faults, alarms and shutdown. Simple operation ensures the safe operation of unattended machines.

7. Optional low temperature starting system. The water pump of the fuel heater draws the coolant in the engine body to the heat exchanger. The oil pump draws the fuel in the fuel tank to the burner and burns. Through the continuous circulation of heat, the temperature of the coolant, the whole machine and the lubricating oil is continuously increased, ensuring the starting performance of the diesel engine in severe cold and plateau environments.

8. Adopt 10u precision lubricating oil filter, ensuring minimum wear of moving parts. Multiple fuel filter devices protect the reliability of the engine fuel injection system.

9. The large-diameter air intake valve minimizes the air intake resistance, and the air volume is 0-100% stepless adjustment.

10. The high-strength suspension chassis ensures the walking safety and moving speed of the unit in various harsh construction environments.

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G2x1, G3/4x1






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