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HFDD-13600 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
HFDD-13600 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

HFDD-13600 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

Model: HFDD-13600
Engine:Cummins QSZ13-C550
Rated power: 4*410/1900 (kW/r/min)
Maximum push force: 13600 (kN)

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It's applicable for pipeline construction about Municipal Construction (Electric,Communication,Water Supply) and Natural Gas,Oil Delivery. 

Technical Features

1. The digital display system can directly display the main construction parameters such as rotating torque and push-pull force, which overcomes the disadvantage of conversion of pressure gauge used by traditional drilling rig, and the operation is simple;

2. The power head rotating torque, pushing and pulling force overload protection system adopts electronic sensing, which has rapid response, sensitivity and high reliability; Rotating torque and pushing force can be preset accurately; The main shaft of the power head floats, which reliably protects the drill pipe thread and improves the service life of the drill pipe;

3. The four-power system adopts Cummins EFI engine, which can complete all actions of the whole vehicle when any engine is started, and can realize multi engine combination technology, combined with multi gear stepless speed regulation technology, which can adapt to a wide range of addresses and low construction cost;

4. Two sets of eight cylinder clamping vises, reliable drill pipe clamping and large shackle torque; The vise floats in the whole process, with a diameter of 400mm, which is convenient for the construction process of casing method.


Technical Data



Cummins QSZ13-C550

Rated power

4*410/1900 kW/r/min

Push and pull

Maximum pushing force

13600 kN

Maximum push-pull speed

32 m/min



260000 N.m

Maximum speed

100 r/min

Mud pump

Maximum flow


Maximum pressure

20 MPa

Drill pipe

219/254*9.6 mm*m

Truck mounted crane

Lifting weight

10 t

Lifting moment

25 t.m

Max. penetration angle


Max. back expansion diameter




Overall dimension



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