HFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling RigHFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling RigHFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling Rig
HFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling RigHFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling RigHFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling Rig

HFSD-18 Tunnel Horizontal Drilling Rig

Rotation Speed: 0-269r/min
Drilling Angle: multi-angle drilling
Engine Power: electric motor:110kW;diesel power:183kW
Rotary Torque: 17000N.m

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HFSD-18 tunnel horizontal drilling rig is dedicated equipment for advanced pre-support during the tunnels construction when it encounters weak aquifers like aeolian sand. Through the rotary jetting construction method, a closed rotary jetting pile curtain is formed before tunnel excavation. The jet grouting rig can also be equipped with different drilling tools for slope disaster management, anchoring and other operations.

tunnel horizontal drilling rig


1. Power system: 183KW DEUTZ diesel generator set and 110KW electric motor. The motor can be driven by the mains 380V power supply and the generator set.

2. Traveling system: steel crawler, crawler belt width 2800, chain plate width 600, travel speed 1-1.4Km/h, travelling is driven by hydraulic motor, suitable for complex ground construction.

3. Hydraulic system: hydraulic components adopt world-renowned brands like REXROTH, brevini, EATON, etc. Load-sensitive control systems and electro-hydraulic proportional control are used to make operation simple, efficient and reliable.

4. Electrical control system: adopts PLC centralized control, with functions of fault alarm, safe and reliable.

5. Operating system: equip with wireless remote control operator, realizing remote control. The main operation console is equipped with a display, which shows parameters of drilling depth, mast angle, rotation speed, feeding and pulling speed, system pressure, etc.

6. Structural parts: two-arm support mechanism and mast integrated. Two-arm support mechanism for two-stage lifting to avoid drifting during deep hole operations, one of which has a swing mechanism, achieving ± 120 ° rotation, multi-hole operation in the same working plane, and improving work efficiency.

7. The mast consists of three sections, both ends can be folded for easy transportation. The power head is four-stage variable speed, wide speed range, and large torque. (Optional hydraulic impact power head)

8. A hoisting machine is used for feeding and pulling back. The clamper holds the drill pipe, shackle, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

9. Equip with a collapsible arm type working trolley, convenient for carrying people to operate the orifice.

10. Adopt centralizer to reduce the swing of the drill rod during drilling, and the drilling is stable and reliable.

11. It can be used for anchor, DTH, rock drilling and other operations when equipped with different drilling tools.

  • tunnel horizontal drilling rig
  • tunnel horizontal drilling rig
  • tunnel horizontal drilling rig

Technical Data



Power head rotation speed (r/min)


1 Gear

2 Gear

3 Gear

4 Gear





Mast pitch angle (°)


Mast swing angle (°)


Upper arm rotation angle (°)


Feeding stroke (m)


Stroke of pulling back oil cylinder(mm)


Max. Torque (N.m)

17000(rotary power head)

Max. feeding force of winch (KN)


Max. pulling force of winch (KN)


Max. operating height (m)


Max./Min rotation diameter (m)


Total power

110KW electric motor (equip with 183Kw DEUTZ diesel generator set)

Drill rod length(m)


Drill tool size(mm)

76 single-pipe rotary jet

 89 double-pipe rotary jet

Transportation dimension (mm)


Weight (t)

About 50


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