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HFT1500 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig

Borehole Diameter: 114mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 1500m
Engine Power: 447kw
Max. Speed: 70km/h

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►Product Introduction:
HFT1500 truck-mounted drilling rig is a drilling rig with hydraulic (top driven) rotary head, which is a national product and equipped by movable air compressor from Sullair of U.S. The rig is equipped U.S. Sullair portable air compressor systems duplex state. HFT1500 can meet the compressed air drilling, foam drilling and construction of drilling mud drilling. Has good mobility, high efficiency, good quality drilling, pollution and so on. Floor area for coal gas extraction wells construction, construction of shallow wells for oil and hydrology can also be used in mine rescue drilling and construction.

►The main features:
1) High drilling efficiency. The average penetration rate is up to 20m / h 
2) Can meet the vertical wells, horizontal wells, cluster wells, wells feathery branches to process requirements.
3) Mobility, off-road, and can be quickly arrived at the scene.
4)Ability to meet the compressed air drilling, foam drilling and mud drilling requirements. 
5) Enhance the capacity up to 1000kN, and maximum torque of 25kN.m. 
6) With automatic switching clubs function, power head can be tilted.

Technical Data

Drilling rig type SMJ5510TZJ15/800Y
1 Truck chassis Type WS5545
Drive type 10×6
Gears 9 advances,1 back
Max.speed 70km/h
Power 276kw/2200r/min
Weight 17550kg
2 Max.hoisting ability 800kN
3 Max.feeding ability 180kN
4 lifting speed 30m/min
5 Lowering speed 59m/min
6 Slow feeding speed 7.1m/min
7 Power bit Max output torque 15kN.m
Output rotate speed 0-150r/min
Spindle dia Φ76mm
Stroke 15m
8 Depth Standard drilling rod model Φ114
Rotating drilling 1500 m
9 Max open hole caliber Φ711mm
Hydraulic pump 32Mpa3+3+2
10 Air/mud line diameter Φ76.2mm
Rated working pressure 20MPa
11 Auxiliary winch Jib boom stroke 1m
Input force 38kN
Output force 20kN
12 hydraulic system pressure Rotary bit rotating system 25MPa
Normal drilling system 24MPa
Fast hoisting system 32MPa
13 Drill with Cummins diesel engine Type QSX15-600
Power 447kW
Rotate speed 2100r/min
14 Weight 51000kg
15 Dimension(transport) 13.70×2.85×4.19m
16 American Sullair air compressor Type DLQ1250XHH/1525XH
Air displacement 35.4/43.2m³/min
Discharge pressure 3.45/2.41MPa
Engine from CATERPILLAR C18ACERT rier3
rated input power 522kW
Dimension 5500×2180×2230mm
Weight 9000kg


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