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Hanfa Smart Charger AHanfa Smart Charger AHanfa Smart Charger A
Hanfa Smart Charger AHanfa Smart Charger AHanfa Smart Charger A

Hanfa Smart Charger A

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product description

This product is a 180kW DC charging system that uses the national grid special standard charging interface to provide DC power for electric vehicles with on-board chargers, provides a friendly man-machine interface, and has corresponding control, card swiping, communication and protection functions.

To Features

1. Use 32-bit high-performance embedded industrial-grade processor as the main controller.

2. The built-in CPU of the power module realizes intelligent management and has automatic control function.

3. Use 0.5-level multi-function watt-hour meter to accurately measure the charging capacity of the charging car.

4. Adopt contact type swiping device. And implement hardware encryption authentication processing for the card to ensure the security of card account data.

5. Using 7-inch LCD touch screen, the display color is bright, can realize the display of outdoor high-brightness environment, and can adapt to the low temperature -20°C environment.

6. Can adapt to a variety of BMS battery management communication protocols.

7. With charging gun falling off detection to ensure charging safety.

8. With a variety of input and output detection protection.

9. With local Ethernet, CAN communication interface and real-time communication with the background monitoring platform, it can report various times in time.

Technical Data

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