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Hanfa Smart Charger BHanfa Smart Charger BHanfa Smart Charger B
Hanfa Smart Charger BHanfa Smart Charger BHanfa Smart Charger B

Hanfa Smart Charger B

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product description

The CSCDJ AC charging pile has a simple system and a small area. It can be installed in electric vehicle charging stations, public parking lots, residential community parking lots, large commercial building parking lots, roadside parking spaces and other places. It can be electric vehicles with on-board chargers. It provides AC power and is easy to use and operate. It is the main charging device for small electric vehicles. The height is 1400mm, the width is 240mm, and the depth is 220mm.


The AC input is equipped with a leakage protection switch, which has the functions of overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection on the output side. The AC input is equipped with a Class D lightning protection device, which has the protection functions of anti-inductive lightning and anti-operation over-voltage. The AC output is equipped with an AC smart energy meter, which can measure AC charging power. It is equipped with a color touch screen or LCD and a button man-machine interface. The charging method can be set according to power, amount and time. With running status indicator light bar. It has a lock card reader or radio frequency reader, and supports IC card payment methods, in accordance with the combination of "pre-deduction and actual settlement". The charging pile has an emergency stop button switch, which can quickly cut off the output power.

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