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Hanfa Smart Dispenser AHanfa Smart Dispenser AHanfa Smart Dispenser A
Hanfa Smart Dispenser AHanfa Smart Dispenser AHanfa Smart Dispenser A

Hanfa Smart Dispenser A

Single Gun Flow: 10-60L/min
Working Pressure: 2.5Mpa
Working Temperature: -30℃~+55℃

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● Automatic control of the refilling process, and the refilling amount, refilling amount and unit price can be automatically displayed on both sides during the charging process (display with luminous)

● The refueling price of the dispenser is displayed: "air volume", "unit price one yuan/L", "amount one yuan", and a pressure gauge to display pressure

● With power-off data protection, display the current refill data

● Large-capacity storage, able to query not less than 12000 refill data;

● Monitoring system: monitor the temperature and flow of the inflation process, control the inflation speed, and automatically close the valve for protection when the pressure and flow exceed the standard;

● Built-in imported clock system, accurate and reliable timing after power failure;

● You can check the total cumulative amount at any time;

● Preset gas filling function with fixed gas volume and fixed amount;

● Adjustable flow rate and density;

● You can check each gas filling data and filling time;

● You can query the cumulative gas volume, amount, total cumulative gas volume, and total cumulative amount of gas refueling on duty;

● With automatic fault detection function, can automatically display fault code;

● It can directly display the flow rate and temperature during the inflation process to ensure safe inflation;

● No flow signal, automatic shutdown to protect the interests of owners;

● Small flow protection.

Technical Data

Single gun flow

10L/min ~ 60L/min

Working pressure


Working temperature


Measurement accuracy

1.0 level

power supply


Explosion-proof grade

Exmdib II At4


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