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HFQ35 DTH Drilling RigHFQ35 DTH Drilling RigHFQ35 DTH Drilling Rig
HFQ35 DTH Drilling RigHFQ35 DTH Drilling RigHFQ35 DTH Drilling Rig

HFQ35 DTH Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 90-130mm
Drilling Depth: 35m
Engine Power: 45kw
Once promotion: 2000mm

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The HFQ35 crawler hydraulic drilling rig adopts a new type of hydraulic rotary motor, which has the characteristics of high speed, large torque, and low failure rate. The drilling rig has low air consumption and convenient hole shifting. It adopts air filter and oil filter for three-stage filtration to reduce the wear and tear of the diesel engine, thereby increasing the service life of the diesel engine. The drilling rig has a compact structure and a gyration radius of 2.8m. At the same time, the propelling carriage has a telescopic compensation function. The carriage is supported on the ground when drilling, and the drilling stability is good.


HF100YA2 drilling rig is mainly suitable for drilling blast holes in stone works such as open pit mining, water conservancy, power station, and road construction.

  • HF100YA2-DTH-Drilling-Rig
  • HFQ35-DTH-Drilling-Rig
  • HF100YA2-DTH-Drilling-Rig
  • HF100YA2-DTH-Drilling-Rig
  • HF100YA2-DTH-Drilling-Rig
  • HF100YA2-DTH-Drilling-Rig

Technical Data

Bore diameter(mm) 90-130
Bore depth(m) 35
Walk speed(km/h) 2
Once promotion(mm) 2000
Grade ability (°) 30
Air pressure(Mpa) 0.7-1.4
Chassis ground clearance(mm) 260
Air consumption(m³/min) 7-15
Skid pitch(°) Up and down100
Host Power (Kw) 45 YC2115 supercharged twin cylinder
Sliding tilt swing (°) left35,right10
For rock(F) 6-20
Skid compensation(mm) 900
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 4300*2130*2160
weight(Kg) 2900


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