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Warmly Celebrate the Opening Ceremony of HFL Company Drilling Service Project of HANFA Philippines Branch!

Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.


Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.

The local drilling service project of hanfa branch in the Philippines will start in July 2018.The project is one of the key drilling projects in the Philippines, which aims to solve local water resource problems, promote local economic level and provide local people with employment opportunities.

Due to the high demand for local Wells, the project department was set up to help local people solve water resource problems.

The main machines used in the project are HF200/HFJ300C and hfd-c.The main product parameters of the machine are as follows.

HFJ300C Crawler Type Water Well Drilling Rig

Borehole Diameter: 105-350mm

Maximum Drilling Depth:300m

Engine Power: 75kW

Dimensions: 4590*1600*2200mm

HF200 Multi-functional Water Well Core Drill

End hole caliber: 300-75mm

Maximum Drilling Depth: 30--200m

Spindle stroke: 450mm

Drill weight (No include power): 910kg

HFD-C Water Locator

Measuring Range: 0-255mv

Detection depth: <300m

Power Input: 11-15kw

Repetitive Error ±2% ±2 Bit

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